Transport Management

  • Understanding of Rating , Routing , Scheduling and Capacity constraints within a single company or with 3PL partners(3rdParty Logistics providers) appropriate mode selection (air/sea/road).
  • Consolidation of loads to distribution centres.
  • Visibility of whereabouts of assets and available capacity.
  • Increased asset utilization to lower unit costs and increase performance.

Warehouse Management

  • Understanding of Scanning systems as well as Mobility solutions within a warehouse.
  • Registering un/loading activities and quality of loading.
  • Visibility of whereabouts/status of inventory.

Yard Management

  • Visibility of assets within the yard.
  • Tracking and registering activities to provide insight into bottlenecks and possible delays.
  • Dock scheduling to relieve dock congestion.

Value and expertise

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Problem solving

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IT Consulting

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