VSM Yard Management System

Why a Yard Management System

Logistics technology solutions can reveal hidden bottlenecks and improve efficiency. One such tool is a yard management system (YMS), which can help prioritize arrivals, identify trailer contents, manage yard jockey activity, standardize yard processes, reduce the time needed to allocate vehicles to loads, and avoid unnecessary vehicle movements.

VSM Yard Management

VSM is the 4MIT solution for managing your yard. VSM not only provides visibility into the yard, but also helps companies see the big picture. Rather than working in silos, workers see how they contribute to the entire supply chain process, which helps them identify potential delays and improve overall efficiency.

"Forward visibility is one of the greatest benefits of a YMS, Everyone in the process sees the big picture, instead of just knowing their own part and having to communicate the old-fashioned way to find out what other areas are doing."

More info

For more information about visual site manager, please download our whitepaper

Perfect visibility

VSM provides complete visibility and management of your vans, trailers and containers in your distribution centre.

Easy to Use

Guards and Warehouse workers have a simple interface. VSM follows your current processes and uses familiar names. Learning is easy and intuitive.


VSM can handle any size operation and can grow as your business grows.

Quick Deployment

VSM software can be quickly deployed. Once we have the data we need to configure VSM we can have you up and running in a few days.

Meeting your needs

4MIT support team has the operational expertise and software know-how to meet the most challenging yard management requirements. Our knowledgeable experts will work with you to understand your processes and requirements so VSM is configured the way you need it.